Iyeza has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Khayelitsha. Here is the story of Iyeza as told by local and international media.

Access to healthcare for communities in need.

BeautifulNews, May 2018

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Sizwe Nzima competes in the Chivas Regal Venture competition.

Chivas Regal Facebook page – 4 January 2017

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MedTech Silicon Valley Programme

Discovery announces top entrepreneurs in its MedTech Silicon Valley Programme, Nov 2016.

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Happy customer reviews hivselftesting.co.za.

Miss_Pretorius blog, 2016.

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Iyeza Express meets the BBC

South Africa’s cycling medicine men. 20/8/13 – video (2:16) and article


Sizwe Nzima talks at TEDxBellville

How can we change access to opportunity? October 2015

Forbes Africa’s best young business hopes

30 under 30: Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs. 23/2/13 – article.

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eTV Kaelo Stories features Iyeza

Kaelo: Stories of Hope. Series 8, Episode 11 – video (7:44).


A Cape Talk/702 Lead SA Hero

Our WC Lead SA Hero for January. 4/2/14 – article and two podcasts (4:58 and 8:12, interviews with Bruce Whitfield and Kieno Kammies).

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IOL and News 24 hail Forbes list hero

Cape entrepreneur (21) makes Forbes list. 30/5/13 – article.

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Your Business Magazine Startup success

Prescription for entrepreneurship. 26/10/12 – article.

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Last mile delivery making a difference.

BeautifulNews, May 2018

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An inspirational Raymond Ackerman Academy graduate

Inspiring stories from the Raymond Ackerman Academy. 2012 – video (2:13).

Sunday Times hails medicine men

Wheels of fortune continue to turn for young medicine men. 26/1/14 – article.

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UCT tells the Iyeza story

Iyeza Express: In Three Minutes – A UCT Film & Media Production. Undated – video (3.10).


Voices of Africa trumpets Iyeza

Medicine on wheels for Khayelitsha residents. 3/1/14 – article and BBC video (2:16).

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A top 200 Mail & Guardian Young South African

200 YSA 2013: An eco-friendly entrepreneur. 6/13 – video (1:33).

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eKasi Entrepreneurs interviews Sizwe Nzima

Sizwe Nzima founder of Iyeza Express. 19/1/15