Iyeza Health is a specialist health company committed to changing the face of public health in South Africa.

Its roots are in the health logistics sector, helping ordinary people access the chronic medical care they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Its philosophy is that doing good is good business, that adding value to people’s lives has more than just financial rewards. Click through to read more
Now Iyeza Health will become a health logistics company focused on high-cost chronic medication for HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus), diabetic medication and drugs for treating cancer. Patients that are prescribed for any of the above medication categories will receive their associated chronic medication if they are diagnosed with co-morbidities, i.e. they are living with two or more diseases at the same time.

The Iyeza Health health logistics company will support health systems currently in existence, strengthening and enhancing health programme sustainability over time in local communities. It seeks to ensure seamless integration across the health services system in terms of drug prescription, review, dispensing, provision and delivery, including a fully-tracked health logistics service that allows people to monitor the delivery of their medicines door-to-door.

We also have other plans – to assist people with diagnostic self-testing at home and, in doing so, to provide a convenient channel for proactive and preventative screening and care.

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